Well the planning is well and truely underway, and after the second day in a row at the boat sanding my life away, the renovation reality is really setting in. It seems I get most of the crap preparation jobs like sanding because Fredrik’s skills are better used elsewhere. BORING!


I have worked on a rough floor plan of how I think the floorplan can be. The ideais to maximise the space, create an open feel and also increase accesibility. I also want to maximise the market value. The images below show the proposed and current plans. The proposed ones I mocked up myself in the ever-so-user friendly Microsoft Paint. Our biggest concern is making changes to the thick wall on the bottom floor, in case it is a structural wall. We are most likely to put an arch here instead of taking the whole wall. We will get these overlooked by a structural engineer or similar before we start demolishing.

What do you think? Any suggestions, red flags? I appreciate any advice.

Ground Floorplan - comparison
Upstairs floorplan - comparison


We bought a house!


March 28th, 2013 Fredrik and I took a massive step, we bought our first home. Sure, it is not our dream home, but we decided to try to enter the market at an affordable level and not get in to debt up to our eyeballs. We wanted something we could renovate that was in a good area, with good transport in the town. The market is down right now, so it is a buyers market and we think we got quite a bargain and think it will pay off in time.

With Fredrik’s skills and connections we thought it could be a great project for us an opportunity to create something awesome and showcase our skills. We have a little renovation experience from renovating a boat in 2012, which we plan to have completely finished by the time we move in. We really like working together and think we are a good team, Fredrik can build just about anything and I am the one who is planning, budgeting and trying to keep things on track. Some might say I am the boss (or b*tch… it depend who you ask).

The structure of the house is in good shape, it is build in the 50’s and the layout is very closed and old fashioned, plus it is WAY too brown and the wood panels make me quiver. We have big plans… WATCH THIS SPACE.

We get the keys on June 31st, so our next few blog posts will be about our plans. Then once we get the keys, the real blogs will start, we hope to share the transformations, how to’s, ups and downs. There will be plenty of drama to share, everyone who knows me is expecting that!!

About the house:

Built: 1959

Size: 150 m2

Land size: 1352 m2

Location: Stenkullen, Lerum. A suburb outside Gothenburg, Sweden. 20 minutes commute in to the city centre.