Well the planning is well and truely underway, and after the second day in a row at the boat sanding my life away, the renovation reality is really setting in. It seems I get most of the crap preparation jobs like sanding because Fredrik’s skills are better used elsewhere. BORING!


I have worked on a rough floor plan of how I think the floorplan can be. The ideais to maximise the space, create an open feel and also increase accesibility. I also want to maximise the market value. The images below show the proposed and current plans. The proposed ones I mocked up myself in the ever-so-user friendly Microsoft Paint. Our biggest concern is making changes to the thick wall on the bottom floor, in case it is a structural wall. We are most likely to put an arch here instead of taking the whole wall. We will get these overlooked by a structural engineer or similar before we start demolishing.

What do you think? Any suggestions, red flags? I appreciate any advice.

Ground Floorplan - comparison
Upstairs floorplan - comparison


3 thoughts on “Floorplan

  1. Plenty of room for people to visit too lil lady!!!! Yay….. def will be booking a trip to see the little Panda xxxxx Congrats guys

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