Kitchen Plans

After lots of researching for inspiration, today I finalised what I will have as the kitchen design.

Minimalist design, no handles on the drawers. Wall of cupboards with a nook for preparing food, built in fridge and freezer. Large kitchen island with stove, sink and dishwasher. Below is a very rough computer generated image, I have also added some images of how the colour scheme will be and where I got my inspiration.


Computer generated mock up:

photo (5)

The colour scheme, grey bench tops, white-ish cupboards and dark wood feature seating area:




Nook/Alcov in wall of cupboards:



One  of the exhaust fans I am considering:


The DREAM exhaust fan:




Upstairs 3D Floorplan

Today we went to take some measurements of the house and sign some papers to pay the deposit… YIKES! Now that I have the measurements I decided to try to mock up some 3D plans which are to scale, or close to.

Below is my first attempt at making 3D plans, click on the images to enlarge. I haven’t even started on designing downstairs yet, upstairs is our priority! This program is called and is super fun but takes some time and practice. There is also the 2D version I created with this program shown below, basically you create this first and then it generates the 3D images.20130405135008 20130405135217 20130405135350Capture 20130405135417 20130405135447 20130405135524