Calling All Garden Experts!

It has been a while between posts, but that is because we have been waiting patiently to get the keys. We finally will get the keys to our kingdom on Thursday… woohooooo!

We have been out at the house today, sneaking around the garden because the owners have moved out. There is a lot to do in the garden, it is completely overgrown and out of control. There are so many pretty plants and trees but we have to get rid of a lot. Before we do, we need to identify what is what.

Any garden experts out there who can identify any of the plants in these pics? I guess some of them are maybe weeds, but I can’t tell the difference! Let us know! 🙂

Click on the photos to enlarge.IMG_3005 IMG_3006 IMG_3007 IMG_3009 IMG_3010 Photo 2013-05-25 19 27 26 Photo 2013-05-25 19 29 01 Photo 2013-05-25 19 31 01 Photo 2013-05-25 19 31 57 Photo 2013-05-25 19 32 22 Photo 2013-05-25 19 33 18 Photo 2013-05-25 19 33 47

6 thoughts on “Calling All Garden Experts!

  1. Äpple, rhododendrhon (spelling??), rhododendrhon, rönnbär, vinbär, jordgubbar/smultron, äpple, rabarber, rabarber, krusbär, körsbär och sen sista vet ej:-)

  2. from the top,
    Pear/ pyrus,
    is this a tree? maybe mtn ash? or elderberry… kind of hard to tell from the pic
    looks like wild raspberry
    apple tree or crab apple
    the next 2 look like rubard
    goose berry
    the second to last picture I am not so sure,
    the last picture the foreground is Euonymus vegetus

    hope that helps! happy home-owner-ship!

    • That helps a lot! First garden experience and we got a VERY established garden, more like a jungle!

      The 4th one is a tree… Pretty big one. Someone suggested Rowanberry… Could it be?

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