Behemoth Bathroom

Finally, the time has come to tackle the bathroom reno! It has been 5 years in the making and the decisions don’t come easy. With a space of 18m2 getting the vision I have out of my head and into reality hasn’t been easy, but we think we are almost there! So here is an update on the direction we are heading in.

Below is our inspiration image. This tile combination we have chosen but we have decided that as much as we like the light colour of the floor, we will use the dark colour. A light floor makes me nervous for how dirty the grout will be. So we will use the dark grey on the floor as well as the feature wall in the shower.

IMG_8434 (002)

We have already ordered all of our taps and showerheads from Australia. We have chosen to go for Matte Black as a point of difference. Here is an example of one of the taps and mixers. They come from a range called Milli Pure and Scala.


We also plan to have this Ethnicraft cabinet with two basins on top.



The bathroom will have a dividing wall which will seperate off a double shower. The bath may or may not be built up on a platform (still can’t decide) and will have a floor mounted, matte black bath spout.

We have already bought this bath and will soon get this toilet…

Here is a very rough sketch of the layout… taking no scale in to consideration. 🙂


Just a reminder of how the bathroom looked before to keep us motivated! These are some photos during the project of demolition which Fredrik and Pelle undertook last week…

Now it looks like this…

We have a long way to go, this week some guys will come to jackhammer up the concrete floor so the plumber can come in and lay new pipes. I don’t even dare to guess how long this project will take…

Watch this space for updates! I will also soon share an update on the landscaping… I have been really lazy putting up the status, but now I need to keep it updated so I can keep the motivation. Looking back at this blog we realise how far we have come.

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